Are you business under attack?

If you suspect that your business is under a cyber attack, it is important to act quickly and take immediately action.

Call LCG’s Incident Response Team on +45 70 60 33 10 and wait for instruction from the Incident handler on duty. Do not make any changes to the system as this may interfere with the forensic analysis.

We provide valuable support to organizations in managing and responding to security incidents by offering specialized incident response services. Incident response involves detecting, containing, and responding to security incidents, with the goal of minimizing the impact of the incident and restoring normal operations as quickly as possible.

LCG provides Incident Response Services for both contracted customers who require a quick and guantineed reaction time, as well as for walk-in customers who are under attack and do not have a contract yet.

To achieve the quickest response time for our Incident Response Services, we recommend a retainer agreement. By signing the necessary documents and providing us with an understanding of your security environment, our Incident Response team can begin work immediately in the event of an incident. Our Incident Response Services not only guarantee a shorter response time but also a guaranteed response.

We have partnered with one of the world’s largest cybersecurity firms, which enables us to provide global Incident Response services 24/7-365.