We are LCG

Our Core Business


Consulting services can help businesses of all sizes mitigate security risks and secure their operations. By engaging our consultants, businesses can ensure they have a proactive approach to security and are prepared to respond to any security threats that may arise.

Consulting services can cover a wide range of areas, including strategy development, process improvement, organizational design, change management and technology implementation.

Managed Services

Our manage services portfolio offer a range of services, including network security, threat detection and response, e-mail security, Endpoint and data protection, and compliance.

Our team of security experts monitor and analyze security threats, identify vulnerabilities, and respond to incidents in a timely and effective manner. They also provide ongoing risk assessments and compliance management to help clients meet regulatory requirements.

Sales Advisory

The Sales Advisory team is establish to help organizations structure, streamline and cost optimize security budgets. They are also responsible for financing, distribution and ensuring that our supply chain is operational so our projects can be delivered on time.

Another main objective is to identify potential adoption issues, and understand businesses security needs, and offering the right solution that meets our customers requirements.

Our Services

Endpoint Security

Protect Your Devices and Network from Cyber Threats with advanced features for Comprehensive Endpoint Protection and Real-Time Threat Detection.

Cloud Security

Unlock the Full Potential of your Cloud Environment and get Comprehensive Security Assessments, Risk Management Strategies, and Compliance Solutions Tailored to your Business Needs. Assess, Plan, and Implement Advanced Security Measures to Protect Data and Infrastructure in the Cloud

Secure Communication

Ensure confidentiality and privacy of your email communications and let our professional services consultants plan, design, and implement security solutions tailored to your business needs.

Network Security

Adopt a Zero Trust Security Approach or sucure your legacy infrastructure with guidens from our Consulting Services. Get Tailored Strategies that Combine Advanced Threat Detection, Access Control, and Identity Management Solutions to Keep your Data Safe and Secure.

Detection And Response

Stay Ahead or rapidly detect Cyber Threats with Detection and Response. Get Tailored Strategies that Combine Advanced Threat Detection, Incident Response, and Forensic Investigation Solutions to keep your business secure and resilient.

Risk Advisory

Gain Comprehensive Insight into your Business Risk Landscape with Our Risk Advisory Consulting Services. Get Tailored Risk Assessments, Risk Management Strategies, and Compliance Solutions that protect your business and Ensure Resilience.

Penetration Testing

Identify Vulnerabilities and Strengthen your Cyber Defenses. Get Tailored Testing Strategies, Comprehensive Reports, and Remediation Recommendations to protect your business from Cyber Attacks

Vulnerability Management

Proactively Manage Vulnerabilities and Secure your Business. Get Comprehensive Assessments, Patch Management Strategies, Risk Prioritization and Compliance Solutions.

Micro Services

Secure Your Microservices-based Architecture with Advanced API Protection and WAF. Keep your Business Safe from Cyber Threats with Tailored Solutions for Access Control, Threat Detection, Data Encryption, and Web Application Firewall.